My Little Pwny: Friendship is Magic!

(, 2012)

Pwn (/ˈoʊn/ohn) is a leetspeak slang term derived from the verb, “own”, meaning to appropriate, conquer or gain ownership (Wikipedia 2012). Quick examples of its use:

  • I pwn you
  • This game pwns!

My Pwnage

This post comes at a time where I find myself pwned by a progression of events that have meticulously scathed my Titanic perception of things to come. A series of unanticipated jabs building up to, otherwise, interrupt what was to be, the natural publishing of my posts on a monthly basis. I don’t expect anyone reading to directly relate this blog or, for that matter, this post to my world‑views, but to see it as my opportunity to fist the inconsistencies I observe in society. Its purpose is not to serve as a rant, by any means.

Would I serve a greater justice in telling the world who I am? Who I want to be? What I am as a consequence of life events I cannot control – to which the Buddhists say, Anatman? I am first, and foremost, a dreamer, philanthropist and a seeker of good-will. I am the guy who raised two middle fingers to popular news media for their perpetual sensory assault as they preached rape, murder, terrorism and every other bigotry charade they felt duly entitled to them. I stood by V and chanted “Vendetta!” in our anti-establishment parade; masks and all – moustaches reaching far! But, sadly, V is a fictitious character, terrorism is the anthem of the soapie-box, and the meek inherit nothing – the world is governed by warmongers.

An area of concern that is troubling me, at the time of this post, is the relationship between education and work; if there is any! I have an upset stomach thinking about the correlation of these two and if degrees, certificates and diplomas are acquired in vain. I have had the prosperous opportunity to work for different employers, each bearing unique traits I tried to understand. I have worked for people with masters degrees who, at best, could be described as workplace hecklers, all the way to opposite ends of the stick. I was raised in an education ecosystem that placed horse‑blinders on the side of my peers and I. We were given the go-ahead to go to school, get educated, further our education and, and only then, get a very good job as a doctor or a lawyer and – WAIT! I’m whistle-blowing! Something is void in this pipe-dream.

Having sat with friends who are studying financial accounting, they basically broke down the employment environment as follows: if a country’s unemployment is set at, say 35%, that number can be interpreted all-inclusively. The 35% somewhat implies that in all fields only 65% of those qualified for the particular field will get a job. This restriction, therefore, doesn’t separate the wheat from the chaff in saying the hard sciences are employment opportunities and the arts are a pit . The explanation went further to impress thatunemployment is not just unemployment; you can be classified as unemployed if you are hired in a field foreign from your field of academic study.

Twilight Sparkle, what are we going to school for?!
Some very memorable moments come from my first year of varsity. Faces were fresh out of secondary education and pompously prepared to undermine the blood-thirsty barbatus better called tertiary education. I recall one of my lecturers asking a general question, “why are you in university?” Somebody quickly shouted, “to be extorted!”  As funny as it may have come off at the moment, when seeking to stitch together the outcomes of education and the fight to survive the working world, they may have solved a mystery. Three years after my hero’s war-cry I was faced with a new, and unchartered sensation: the fear of the real world. It was clear to me that varsity was a haven. It was clear that on the walk to- and from- school, there were people desperate for money and employment; real world issues. Like the inmate who tells his wardenthat he is going to steal upon completing his sentence, I felt a parallel attraction. I was being forcefully extracted from my panic room to participate in the unsanctified practices of the unsanctified world. This was not what I was ready to challenge – I wanted to go back to school!

Varsity ends, the job hunt begins. In the early months of the rollercoaster experience I go from employers who bore the aroma of entrepreneurship to my reappearing masters graduate who was nothing short of bad! As I look back over these incidents, with the knowledge that I currently have, be it books, the life experiences, and all else, I am left wondering, what the role of all the literature? For 3 years all my life seemed to revolve around was books! The practice had truly caught on, I found myself indulging in practices that were alien to me – buying books – for leisurely read!

One of the most uplifting authors I have read, John C. Maxwell, said everything right. He brought stars to my eyes, he made me believe in a greater tomorrow in the corporate environment along with his visionary utopia. Deflated, my work experience fell short of his immaculate gospel. Mayhem broke loose – education was a lie! To Margaret Mead, what shall I say of all your efforts in today’s incoherent world? Dr. Oppenheimer, the inspiration you brought to me by saying one of the most touching quotes I have heard – even though you helped kill thousands, “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to be burst at once in the sky, that would be like the splendour of the Mighty One… I am become death, the shatterer of worlds (Gardner & Laskin 1997: 99)” Where does this all go? In line with my devilish praise of Oppenheimer’s bomb, I met individuals of secondary education are managers, the educated are their subservient. I met people who proudly exalted how they got their jobs through their uncles; they had no shame in saying there were unfairly selected and unqualified for their job.

Rainbow Dash, where do I get these emotions from?
So, where does this outburst stem from? Very easy: Robert Kiyosaki’s Increase Your Financial IQ. The book by itself was not the pinnacle that brought on this discomfort, but it marked a moment I realized something isn’t right. Having caught a cold once or twice when in the process of completing it, I took a step back and asked myself what I was reading the book for. There was a duality in how it was practical. It isn’t a book that was designed for someone who having read it, would sip up the last drops of their tea and munch the last of their salty crackers. It required an integral knowledge of how money behaves and the will to attempt the financial avenues that were being shown. The Zeitgeist movies definitely left a shock among those who were religious, but they also looked at the jarred banking system. Rather than screaming conspiracy theories, Kiyosaki requests that we develop an understanding of what the new monetary model – just as Zeitgeist documentaries said!

I have always believed in researching things, Kiyosaki just raised the notch by saying I should know my subject matter. It’s unfair on oneself to invest without knowing the nature of the game, he says. Having a stock broker just isn’t enough. He provides a respectable introduction into the behaviour of money as a currency in the post the 1970s world where its value suddenly changed. These words were spoken to an individual who was only months away from entering the practice he describes so much caution over. Possibly this is where he became my saviour. I am not bitter or bitten by the practice of investing and, hopefully, in a years’ time I shall come back to this blog post with good rapport.

Applejack, my conclusion
So, revisiting what I had said earlier, individuals of secondary education are managers and the educated their subservient. I carry a grudge. Academics have been described as being pompous and distant from reality. Kiyosaki said so himself of his poor dad. But, I look beyond the gloat. I say it is justified and probably needed more now than before. Education is a heritage, it is not some silly block party you attend to become a millionaire, it’s a heritage. It carries with it the names of those who have graduated prior to yourself in a similar department or faculty. Graduating is sticking the poisonous spear into the heart of the barbatus and groaning your deepest war-cry.

In as much as Leonidas was exposed to harsh conditions to finally become the king of the Spartans, graduation is every graduants “THIS IS SPARTA!” hour. The accomplishment is not given enough recognition, and that is what makes me sad when I see Spartans subservient to Zerksies Xerxes command. Maybe I’m a little delusional, but I believe in education as an art. It counts for nothing if you’re money comes from inheritance and no hard work, you did not learn the ropes.

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6 thoughts on “My Little Pwny: Friendship is Magic!

  1. mampoi l December 26, 2012 / 1:04 pm

    I absolutely agree with your ideas. Perhaps school curricula should be modified to include practical exposure to the working world because not everyone is cut out to be an academic. There are also unrealistic expectations of how money works and how the world spins amongst many people. I hope your blog continues to educate.

    Lovely title, by the way

    • Bereng Lerotholi December 26, 2012 / 1:18 pm

      Thank you.
      I have been deliberately defensive in this post. My rationale being that the self-accredited “University of Life” seems to be taking precedence over formal education in the eyes of the young.

  2. R. E. K. Moso2 January 2, 2013 / 11:25 pm

    Wonderful words! I read Kyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and it blew my mind and flipped the script on all I was taught about life. The system has been designed to pwn us in major scales and tear us a new one.

    We do need to realise that certificates of qualifications are only pieces of paper that tell everybody else that we know that which we claim to know. For the record his name is written thus: Xerxes.

    • Bereng Lerotholi January 3, 2013 / 4:01 pm

      Thanks you.

      I share your sentiment. Something is skew about the education system. For one, accounting should be compulsory, well in my minds eye. It does not make sense that you should earn a salary, have it taxed to the grave and back, have additional taxes upon purchasing goods, and and still not a functional understanding of the language of money.

      I also believe a few of the courses currently being trained by universities are on the edge of being redundant, no mentions but, I believe restructuring is required.

  3. lista de emails January 30, 2013 / 12:13 am

    might be very hard to write good articles, so i have to congratulate you for that.

    • Bereng Lerotholi February 1, 2013 / 3:15 pm

      Thank you for the warm words. That you should consider my publications of a good nature is humbling! 🙂

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