The Death of Intelligence: Web 4.0


I Want a Carr
I take great pride in having just read The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. The book looks at a range of disciplines and their influence towards our understanding of the Internet and its impact on the human mind. Being a subject of controversy, one would be quick to presume Carr would dispel all conspiracy theories attacking the Net and preach how the Internet is the guiding light for humanity into the next decade. He doesn’t. What we do get is, by my call, a balanced discussion of the pros and cons of the Net and what we, as mankind, may encounter.

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Artificially Intelligent Databases: Excelling to Access Information

(, 2009)

Accessing Information
From the time of the last post till now I have had full confidence in what I want to post about and create: a mini A.I. database! In theory it seems more than easy to carry out. My idea was that I would use Microsoft Access to create a database that would work side-by-side with form objects. The user would enter information into the form’s text entry box and queries and macros would run themselves to achieve one of the two following goals:

1. Access would translate what the user has entered into a foreign language
2. Access would enter into dialogue with the user

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Income and its Influence Towards Self-Actualization: Can Employment Help us Realize Our True Self

I am WholeFrom Humble Beginnings…
Initially, when day-dreaming how the topic could be broken down, my thoughts were partially based on the idea that people can come to a point of self-awareness in life; the idea of self-awareness being channelled within Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and employment. I bore with me a fuzzy feeling that we take Maslow’s hierarchy structure for granted because, like most things in life that look perfect; it comforts our sense of safety in an anarchic world. Continue reading