I Would Have Posted, but I Took an Arrow to the Knee

Arrow To The KneeI will start this post by, very joyously, saying, “hello!” There has definitely been a lapse since I last posted, but I’m back. For a range of reasons, some of which I will disclose, I withheld from posting. I feel my gist to write is gradually returning and I can once again tantalize your monitors with the scrimmage of my words. My exile gave me the opportunity to rediscover myself and prepare for the blog. Continue reading


The Most Important Moments in Life

Awesome Smiley Face
(knowyourmeme.com, 2013)

Game of Thrones
With life gradually accelerating to super-sonic speeds I cannot correlate to existence, I stray in though and wonder, is Sonic the Hedgehog a metaphor for the developments in computing? A symbol for the systematic jabs the information age throws to our otherwise could-be-peaceful lives? Long employment hours with lots of work, information overload, and just being constantly busy; developments of this nature cannot be healthy! Continue reading